Samsung Galaxy Ring Has Come To Explode The Market

Samsung Galaxy Ring 2024 :Prepare yourself for the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the company’s newest wearable. The Galaxy Ring was initially hinted to by Samsung at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event in January, and now we get a real look at the item before its most likely July debut date.

Galaxy Ring

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will come in several types, have an ECG sensor, and track your blood flow. Anticipate robust integrations with Samsung Health, the organization’s health monitoring program.

When the Galaxy Ring does come out, it may end up being a serious rival to the Oura Ring, which is currently the greatest fitness monitoring ring available. However, from our recent conversation with Oura CEO Tom Hale, it appears that the new competition is, at least, somewhat welcomed.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Expected launch date

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is anticipated to go on sale in late summer 2024. The wearable is presently in the prototype production stage, with mass production expected to start in the second quarter of 2024, according to ETNews (via Revegnus on the social media site X).

According to this timeline, the launch might take place in July, with units arriving in the fall. Although Samsung usually holds its Unpacked events at the end of July, they have not yet been announced for the summer. At this occasion, the Galaxy Ring might also be released alongside the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 smartphones.

Alongside the Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra, the Galaxy Ring made its debut at Unpacked 2024, albeit briefly. No information regarding the device’s features or launch date was provided at this time.

In February 2023, Samsung filed for trademarks for the Galaxy Ring and a number of additional names that might allude to the ring’s characteristics or different goods entirely.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: How much will it cost?

Although the price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring is unknown, we may make some educated estimates based on the costs of other smart rings that are currently available.

First off, the Oura Ring, the likely rival to the Galaxy Ring, retails for $299 at Best Buy. Other smart rings, like the $410 Circular Pro 1 and the $349 Ultrahuman Ring AIR, are available on Amazon.

Considering those, we wouldn’t be shocked if the Galaxy Ring went above $300.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Design

Galaxy Ring

We anticipate the Samsung Galaxy Ring to function as a ring, quite obviously. And now that we’ve had a chance to view the Samsung Galaxy Ring in person—it was on exhibit at MWC 2024 in February—we can attest that this wearable delivers precisely what it promises.

Though ETNews now claims that the wearable will be offered in eight variants, matching the Oura Ring, we had originally expected four sizes. Naturally, we’re taking “varieties” to mean sizes, but that assumption might not be accurate.

We discovered the Galaxy Ring would come in three colors: black, gold, and silver, during the wearable’s official unveiling at Mobile World Congress in 2024. In person, we thought the gold and silver variants were very eye-catching.

We were unable to measure the Samsung Galaxy Ring proportions since our field of vision was restricted to what was visible through a glass enclosure. The Samsung Galaxy Ring appeared to be the same breadth as the Oura Ring from our vantage point. We can state that the finish is quite sleek-looking and the size is fairly slim.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Potential features

According to ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will undoubtedly have a number of health-monitoring technologies, such as an ECG sensor and a sensor for “blood flow measurements.” We anticipate seeing sleep tracking in some capacity as well.

It will probably contain an integrated heart rate monitor, just like other devices (this is standard for all the finest fitness trackers), but it may also have more sophisticated functions, such blood pressure monitoring and aFib detection. But some of these might need FDA approval, which might take several months or even years.

Galaxy Ring

Naturally, not all of its features may be available at launch, but the business plans to enable advanced tracking as soon as it passes FDA regulatory hurdles. Fitbit went through a similar procedure to have its wrist-based atrial fibrillation detection function approved last year.

Regarding the “smart” side of things, reports suggest that Galaxy Ring owners will be able to use the wearable to control other Samsung products. This sounds really cool – just think of all the things you may possibly be able to accomplish with the wave of a finger.

Similar to the Oura Ring and the long-gone Amazon Loop, buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Ring will probably need to measure their fingers in advance to ensure that the ring fits their finger appropriately. This could entail getting the ring itself in the mail after getting a size kit.

The Ring will most likely use Bluetooth to establish a connection with your smartphone, as was discovered during 9to5google’s APK breakdown.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: What we'd like to see

Although there aren’t many smart rings on the market now, based on what we’ve observed and tested, we would anticipate that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will include the following features:

Activity tracking: The Ring should be able to measure your heart rate and track your everyday activities, such as walking, running, and so on, even though it’s highly unlikely that it could fit or use a GPS.

Advanced sleep tracking: We already know that the Galaxy Ring will track sleep, but it needs to be reliable. Here’s another high-stakes aspect where the competition shines, particularly the Oura Ring.

Temperature monitoring: If the Galaxy Ring could measure your body temperature, it may be useful for women who wish to monitor their cycles and pregnancies in addition to alerting you if you were about to get sick.

Media control: If the reports about the Galaxy Ring’s ability to control other devices are accurate, then it seems like a great feature. It would be convenient if you could tap the Galaxy Ring to switch between music tracks, adjust the level, or even accept and reject calls instead of tapping on your phone or wireless headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Outlook

Galaxy Ring

It’s exciting to see Samsung join a new wearables sector; with fewer competitors, it will have an advantage over companies like Apple and Google as a first mover.

Those who want a wearable with a health focus but don’t want anything as big as a watch might find the item useful. In doing so, it might carve out a market niche for itself apart from smartwatches, where it would have to contend with rivals like Garmin and the Apple Watch.

Similar to what Apple and Fitbit/Google have done, the Samsung Ring may also serve as a springboard for the business to extend its online health and fitness products into both free and paid levels.

We anticipate learning more about the Galaxy Ring in the upcoming months, as Samsung isn’t exactly the best at keeping product rumors under wraps. Pay attention.

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