The Greatest Earbuds of 2024: Wireless and Wired Options for All Price Points

Earbuds have become a necessary gear for everyone involved in audio technology, including music fans, commuters, and fitness fanatics, due to its quick evolution. Picking the ideal pair can be difficult because to the abundance of alternatives. With consideration for different tastes and price ranges, we have painstakingly assembled a list of the top 2024 earbuds to make your selection process easier. This in-depth guide will assist you in selecting the ideal set of buds to enhance your listening experience, ranging from high-end wireless options to reasonably priced wired options.

Earbuds of 2024

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The greatest earbuds are necessary for portable music that fits in your pocket. A rousing musical accompaniment to help you finish a 10k? In-flight classical music for a lengthy flight? A podcast with motivation for the commute? The greatest earphones can envelop you in a cocoon of music, shutting out the outside world. earphones are highly recommended.

These days, getting that compact form factor doesn’t have to come at the expense of extra features, battery life, or sound quality. Though the Sennheiser EAH-AZ80 wireless earbuds are actually equal to the Sony WF-1000XM4 in every way (and even include triple device multipoint connectivity), we have literally tested hundreds of pairs and still recommend the slightly older Sony WF-1000XM4 as our overall top choice. Although the more recent Sony WF-1000XM5 buds are now available, if you want to go Sony, the XM4 are still the finest all-arounders in our opinion. Although the supply has been a touch low lately, Sony has promised us that they will still be a popular model in 2024, so if you discover a pair, you can be sure you’re still receiving the finest from the company.

Do you want to give active noise cancellation priority? Check out our guide to the finest noise-cancelling earphones. Do you dislike how obtrusive earphones are? Instead, peruse our guides to the finest wireless or wired headphones. Of course, if you’re searching for less expensive solutions but still enjoy the style and portability, take a look at our guide to cheap wireless earbuds.

1. Earbuds of 2024 Technics EAH-AZ80

Earbuds of 2024

The Technics EAH-AZ80 buds have a ton of functions and a great sound. The Bluetooth 5.3 with LDAC compatibility and triple-point connectivity, which we found to be reliable and helpful, are noteworthy features. Additionally, these buds are significantly less susceptible to wind-noise interference than competitors because of “Just My Voice” technology. Their ANC, which could be a little more spectacular, and battery life, which is just 7 hours for the buds and 25 hours for the case, are their only minor flaws.

They also provide a professional-quality sound that is balanced, precise, quick, and detailed. “From the (deep, nicely textured) bass to the (clean, politely attacking) treble, the whole frequency range is really nicely balanced and coherent from top to bottom and very even-handed,” our evaluation stated. The midrange, on the other hand, impressed us with its high detail levels, smooth, quick transition from ceiling to floor, and its eloquent and informative nature.

Every earpiece is more stable, comfy, and light (7g each earbud) than some competitors, and the design is unmistakably premium. Furthermore, the 50g charging case that comes with it is similarly sleek. In order to reduce weight, build quality hasn’t been sacrificed either; the EAH-AZ80 seems like a product that will outlast its competitors. Additionally, there are seven different earbud sizes available, so you should be able to find the ideal fit.

Undoubtedly, the Technics EAH-AZ80 has a premium price tag, but fortunately, so do its specifications. All things considered, these earbuds have outstanding sound quality, a great fit, and triple device multipoint connectivity—a first for the industry. When everything is considered, we believe they offer a better value package than the best earbuds from Bose or Sony.

2.Earbuds of 2024 Sony WF-C700N

Earbuds of 2024

If you’re searching for an inexpensive way to add ANC to the mix, the Sony WF-C700N are the perfect option. These earbuds are Sony’s new entry-level option for ANC earphones, and the N in this case does indeed stand for noise cancellation. They’re also a big hit! Their skills include 360 Reality Audio support and adaptive ANC, which are powered by the same high-end Sony Headphones Connect software as Sony’s flagship XM4 and XM5 earbuds. many points of connectivity

and adaptive sound control are also included (the app allows you to select between “Walking,” “Waiting,” “Travelling,” or “Registered places,” which is uncommon at this level). Furthermore, you will have Sony’s built-in DSEE audio ‘upscaling’ engine, which enhances the quality of even low-resolution recordings.

The 360 Reality Audio capability noted above is a genuine pleasure for Tidal users, but during our testing, the WF-C700N demonstrated remarkable agility, meatiness, and enthusiasm even when we streamed lossy Spotify tracks or far superior Apple Music streaming.

Compared to Sony’s more cheap buds (Sony WF-C500, you have a lot of attention), there is less protrusion because the WF-1000XM4 is 38% smaller and 37% lighter. Not surprisingly, we thought these were some of the most comfy, easy-to-wear earbuds we’ve ever had the pleasure of getting into our ears—and they remain in for hours at a time.

Can competitors outperform the Sony WF-C700N? Naturally, but not for this amount of money. If you want to beat them, you’ll need to aim considerably higher up the food chain. We consider these to be exceptional value because they are unmatched for this price in terms of functionality, style, and—above all—sound quality.

3.Earbuds of 2024 JLab Go Air Pop

Earbuds of 2024

The JLab Go Air Pop buds demonstrate that even on a limited price, one can get an excellent pair of truly wireless earphones. In addition to having excellent battery life—eight hours for the earbuds and an astounding 32 hours for the buds and case combined—and on-device volume controls that outperform competitors charging twice as much, they also feature a triple tap feature that allows users to select between three different EQ profiles.

It really isn’t fair to compare these inexpensive in-ears to industry-leading goods that cost ten times as much, is it? But when it comes to sound, functionality, build quality, and dependability, these JLab buds handily outperform anything else in their price category. The soundstage is quite large, the bass is tastefully polished, and the vocals are handled rather well through the upper mids.

With three different eartip options, they are exceptionally compact and lightweight (only 3.7g each earbud), so they should fit practically everyone. During our testing, we also found them to be very comfortable to wear.

No, they are not superior to flagship models from companies like Apple, Sony, or Sennheiser. However, they do a lot more damage than they should. The JLab Go Air Pop sound significantly better than you would anticipate for their low cost of admission and include a ton of great features that make them an incredible value.

4.Earbuds of 2024 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2

Earbuds of 2024

Our top pick for noise-canceling earbuds are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2. Yes, even if the more recent Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds have practically replaced these. We like the greater value you’ll now get from these (slightly) older QCE II buds, and the new buds only slightly improve on the core sound and ANC quality.

Thanks to Bose’s CustomTune technology, which uses an audio signal detected by a mic inside each bud to automatically adjust ANC and sound frequency to fit your ear, the ANC is incredibly effective in this situation. Unfortunately, there isn’t wireless charging or multi-point connectivity—a feature that Bose neglected to include in the more recent set as well—and the battery life is mediocre at best, lasting six hours or up to 24 hours when the case is used.

Fortunately, Bose’s ANC enhancements don’t degrade sound quality, and whatever the CustomTune tech is doing in the background here made these earbuds a pleasure to listen to during our tests. “We can’t stress this enough—the sound is very well balanced, with a heck of a lot of details and textures coming through,” we noted in our review. The Bose app’s EQ allows you to adjust the audio output if you’d still like to.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 have a more compact and lightweight charging case and are 30% less in size than prior iterations. We did discover, though, that the fit required some getting used to and may not be suitable for everyone right once.

Since they are Bose earbuds, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 are usually on the pricey side. However, these are possibly the greatest genuine wireless noise-cancelling earphones available right now, provided you can afford them.

5.Earbuds of 2024 Apple AirPods Pro 2

Earbuds of 2024

Excellent earbuds, the Apple AirPods Pro 2 make a compelling case for being the ideal choice for Apple enthusiasts. Active noise cancellation, which rivals the Bose option above in its ability to block out nearly all outside noises (though we think the Bose is marginally better), is one of the best aspects of this device. Another useful feature is the Adaptive Transparency Mode, which allows you to dynamically modify how outside noise is blocked. Regarding battery life,Six hours of ANC use and thirty hours with the case are included. The case itself is IPX4 water resistant, features a speaker, and a wireless tracking chip, so in the event that you misplace it, you can literally use your phone to locate it or use the ‘Find My’ network to locate it.

The audio quality is excellent and much better than with the original AirPods Pro. Rich sound that spans genres and a large, open soundstage with distinct, high-pitched treble and a deep, controlled bass bookend the whole thing. In comparison to the more natural and neutral sound of the Technics at the top of this list, we might critique it for being a touch too forward given the abundance of detail and energy it has. Another amazing feature of these buds is spatial audio, which makes you feel like you’re watching a movie at home rather than having sound blasted into your ears. This is especially true when watching movies.

The added features they offer for people who own a lot of Apple products, however, are the main reason you would pick these over alternatives. In addition to offering Find My Support, they allow you to easily switch between your Apple devices, share music with other AirPods or Beats headphones, customize the sound to your liking, and even optimize battery charge to extend the life of your devices. But you have to use them with an iPhone in order to get all of this. Anything else only offers basic features like playing music and allowing you to choose between transparency and noise cancellation.

They’re great all-arounders and frequently go for slightly less during sales events than the more expensive competitors; who would have thought Apple would be the more affordable choice, huh?

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