Major Leak Apple chipset Upcoming iPad And iPhone Models See In 2024

For the first time in Apple iPad’s history, Apple deferred the release of new iPads in 2023, which is likely to result in a stacked tablet schedule for 2024. We now have a clearer picture of what to expect in the upcoming months thanks to a fresh chipset leak. This leak, which MacRumors saw in a private social media post, includes a list of 16 Apple gadgets along with the CPUs that power them. For our purposes, the fact that eight of those gadgets are still in development is crucial.


With the Apple iPhone 16 series coming out in September and new iPad and Mac models anticipated later in March, there has been a lot of discussion about the CPUs Apple will use to power its 2024 gadget portfolio. It’s interesting that a recent leak on X (formerly Twitter) discloses chip specifications for sixteen new Apple products. Yes, 16 brand-new, soon-to-be Apple products

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A private account with a track record of disclosing precise information about Apple’s intentions posted the leak. The leaker, who was first discovered by AppleInsider, has a small list of followers and postings that are shielded. They immediately removed the text from the post without mentioning the identity of the leaker.

The chip identity is located in the first column, and the internal codenames are found in the third number, according to the codes that were found.

Apple iPad A14 Bionic

The 2020-released A14 Bionic chipset is probably going to be used in the first two smartphones. These gadgets seem to be two variations of the iPad lineup’s entry-level models. It’s unclear why Apple would introduce a new iPad 11th-Gen model with the same A14 processor again, given that the iPad 10th-Gen already contains the A14 Bionic.

There is a very little probability that the long-rumored HomePod with a display will materialize.

Apple iPad A17 chip

The following two gadgets raise the prospect of 2024 iPad Mini variations. Should this prove to be authentic, it would represent a significant improvement above the A15 Bionic technology included in the current iPad Mini 6 models.

Apple M2 Processor

The Apple iPad Air 2024 variants with the Apple M2 chipset are anticipated to be the next four gadgets. There have been rumors for several months that the next iPad Air model will come in two screen sizes: 10.9 inches and 12.9 inches.

These screen measurements correspond to the Apple iPad Pro 2022 versions’ 12.9- and 11-inch screens. Apple intends to draw in more customers in that market with its inexpensive Air series, which offers two screen size options.

The Apple M2 chipset is featured in the iPad Pro 2022 series, whereas the M1 processor is present in the current iPad Air model. Thus, later this month, we can anticipate seeing an upgrade to the M2 chip in the new iPad Air versions.

Apple M3 Processor

Regarding Apple’s premium iPad range, the next Apple iPad Pro is anticipated to introduce OLED displays, a completely new and eagerly anticipated feature. The leaker claimed that a 3nm M3 Apple Silicon processor would be included in the new iPad Pro 2024 variants.

Apple A18 chip

The t8140 identifier is included in the following set of codes; its current value is unknown. But according to the rumor, the Apple A18 chipset is most likely going to make its debut on the Apple iPhone 16 series this year.

The source suggests that Apple plans to release all four Apple iPhone 16 variants, including the Pro models, which will share the same processor. That is in contrast to what Apple has been doing with the most recent releases.

To be clear, even if the entire chip series has the same CPID, the leaker who shared the information assured MacRumors that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will include a “Apple A18 Pro” chipset. He went on to say that the vanilla models will have binned copies of the chipset with fewer CPU or performance cores, but the iPhone 16 Pro models would get a fully working chipset.

The leaker has an impressive track record of accuracy, as we already mentioned. They have occasionally been able to determine the beta build numbers with accuracy, even days before the release. However, as with every leak we disclose, we advise you to proceed with caution.

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