Apple Watch Ultra 3: 7 Upgrades, Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; And More Rumors

The Digital Crown on the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra may get a makeover, but it might not ship this year. The Apple Watch Ultra may soon receive an update. Or perhaps not. Here are the anticipated release dates for Apple’s upcoming Ultra wristwatch and the differences between it and the Apple Watch Ultra 2, according to speculations.

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When Will the Apple Watch Ultra 3 Be Released?

The Apple Watch Ultra 3’s release date making sense in relation to the previous two generations. September 2022 saw the release of the first Apple Watch Ultra, while September 2023 saw the release of the second model.

But neither has the firm revealed or hinted at a new Ultra watch, nor have we seen any insider leaks suggesting one is on the way. Conversely, Ming-Chi Kuo, the leaker, speculates (in late 2023) that Apple may decide not to produce a new Apple Watch Ultra in 2024. This is the reason why:

I believe Apple hasn’t started working on the Apple Watch Ultra 3 project officially because it needs more time to create cutting-edge health management features, make sure the new features can be manufactured, and resolve production-related challenges with microLEDs.
Nevertheless, a new Apple Watch Ultra is something we anticipate. Just when it will happen is yet unknown. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any mention of this smartwatch during the upcoming Apple presentation.

Lifewire's Release Date Estimate Apple Watch Ultra 3

It is likely that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will launch in September 2025.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 Price Rumors

The estimated price of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is $799, the same as the previous two models.

Pre-Order Information

The Apple Watch Ultra 3 won’t be available for preorder until Apple makes an announcement, which could happen in 2025. When it becomes available for purchase, we’ll post the pre-order link here and make it available on the Apple Store.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 Features and Specs

There’s not much information available at this time about the features that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will have, given there has been no official word from Apple and plenty of time until its rumored debut date.
It is anticipated that there won’t be much of a new experience with the Apple Watch in 2024.” Although the Ultra model isn’t mentioned directly, it would be unfortunate if this is the case.

We anticipate at least the same degree of improvement as saw between the first two models, which suggests that a newer chip with a longer battery life is probably in store.

The Ultra 2’s S9 chip powers the useful double-tap feature and on-device Siri. Undoubtedly, an even better CPU will pave the way for future beneficial upgrades, such as compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro VR headset.

The Ultra 2 saw a doubling of capacity, from 32 GB to 64 GB. While this may seem like a lot of storage, some important AI technologies in this watch may require more space. More local storage would be wise, especially in light of reports of a significant Siri update.

Given that 49mm is a fairly large size, we would also like Apple to offer the Ultra series smartwatch in a variety of sizes. Samsung and Google watch models are available in various sizes and with a selection of several color options. However, 2026 might be the year you upgrade if you’ve been eyeing an even larger Apple Watch.

There will be further software-related updates. The next Apple Watch is expected to run watchOS 11. The ability to swiftly start any app with a remappable side button is one of the features in watchOS 11 that we could observe. Naturally, watchOS 12 will be available on the Ultra 3 if it doesn’t launch until 2025.

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The blood oxygen feature that was initially included of the Ultra 2 is no longer accessible in the US due to a legal issue. With the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 3, this may be resolved.

Regarding patents, we were directed to this February 20, 2024 patent by MobileSyrup. Entitled “Crown for an Electronic Watch,” it describes possible new sensor technology that an Apple Watch might use in the future. Instead of replacing the Digital Crown, the plan is to install “a light-directing feature configured to direct, onto the image-sensing element, an image of an object in contact with the imaging surface.”

Although the exact meaning of this is unknown, it seems to be a novel approach to preserve the crown’s characteristics without the drawbacks associated with mechanical parts. Alternatively, as AppleInsider notes, it might make it possible for the crown to be smaller, which would free up more room inside the watch for improved or upgraded parts.

As we discover more information during the year, we’ll update this area.

The next Apple Watch’s ‘Digital Crown’ could feature touch and light sensors

A recent patent suggests that Apple may be planning to increase the capabilities of the “Digital Crown” on the Apple Watch.

The filing indicates that the Digital Crown may soon have sensors that can detect touch and light in addition to its ability to revolve. “A light-directing feature configured to direct, onto the image-sensing element, an image of an object in contact with the imaging surface” is how Apple describes the technique in the patent.

According to the filing, “the image sensor may analyze multiple frames to determine, for example, a speed and direction of one or more features in the image in order to detect motion using the image (e.g., the stored image).”

Features of the user’s skin, such as fingerprints and hair follicles, as well as any other optically observable feature, texture, irregularity on the surface, picture, or similar property of any object, may be included in the analysis. The gadget may react in this manner to skin (such as the user’s finger or hand), a stylus, or a gloved finger.

“The crown may include a light-transmissive member defining an angled surface configured to direct light from the imaging surface to the image-sensing element,” the patent states in reference to the light sensor.

What does all of this mean, then? Although it’s currently unknown, these extra sensors might improve the accuracy of the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown’s heart rate sensor. They might possibly have to do with enabling menu swipes and light Digital Crown taps to bring up particular functions. It’s likely that the technology will find its way into the Apple Watch Ultra 3 or Series 10, which is anticipated to be a significant update to the wearable.

It’s crucial to remember that patent applications frequently aren’t implemented, so it’s possible that these extra sensors won’t be included in upcoming Apple Watch models.

Waiting for the Apple Watch Ultra 3? We have bad news

It was immediately apparent that Apple had introduced a virtually similar version of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 when it first launched in September. This implied that Apple has big plans to update the wearable with the Apple Watch Ultra 3 in 2024. This presumption might not be accurate, though. It’s possible that the Apple Watch Ultra won’t get updated until 2024.

The upcoming Apple Watch Ultra is not currently under development, which is odd considering the typical product development timeframe, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. There might be good reasons for this, though.

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It’s possible that Apple is postponing the debut of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 in order to concentrate on creating innovative health-management capabilities and making sure they can be manufactured. The corporation might possibly be taking its time to deal with the difficulties involved in producing microLEDs. Rumor has claimed that the next generation of Apple Watches will use microLED technology instead of OLED.

According to the analyst, sales of the Apple Watch Ultra could drop by 20% to 30% in comparison to the prior year if Apple does not produce a new model. Additionally, Apple Watch shipments may decline by 10% to about 35 million units.

There are notable similarities between the September 2022 release of the original Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Actually, they look exactly the same from the outside. The upgraded model has the brand-new S9 chipset inside, which is also included in the Apple Watch Series 9 for this year.

Faster Siri capabilities are made possible by the new S9 chip, which also offers onboard health data access. Furthermore, the LTPO OLED display, which is constantly on, can now achieve a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits. Up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness were possible with the prior version. It now dims to 1 nit in low light conditions.

Along with double the onboard storage (64GB), a second-generation Ultra Wideband processor, and 72 hours of low power mode are additional features of the upgraded model. Users of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 can also make advantage of the new Double Tap function.

All in all, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 ought to be a very good smartwatch for many years to come. In any case, it will be strange to have the Apple Watch Ultra released twice in a row in 2023 and then nothing at all the following year. What truly transpires will only become clear with time, but this is definitely something to watch.

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