Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Know All The New Rumors And News

Samsung has essentially mastered the folding phone at this point; in fact, our review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 gave it a 4.5-star rating, even though it is remarkably similar to its predecessor. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, the upcoming generation, is probably going to be an excellent phone as well.
Nonetheless, we do hope to see more significant improvements on the upcoming Fold. You can discover a detailed list of those changes by jumping to the second half of this post.


Firstly, though, you can find below a compilation of all the leaks and speculations we have so far discovered regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6. These contain details about the anticipated pricing and release date in addition to some speculated specifications and features.

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What’s that? The upcoming flagship folding Samsung device
When will it be released? July, perhaps?
What is the estimated cost? probably begin at $1,799.99, £1,749, or AU$2,599

According to a rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will launch in July. A second leak has confirmed this, indicating that we should expect the Z Fold 6 in late July. That makes sense considering that Samsung releases these phones on an annual basis, with the most recent model being unveiled in July of the year it launches.
You probably won’t be able to purchase the Z Fold 6 until August, though, given all three of the prior versions went on sale in August of the year of their respective releases.




Since two of them were also revealed in August, it’s possible that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be revealed in August as opposed to July. Either way, we’d anticipate an announcement in August, and it will most likely go on sale by the end of August.

Given that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 batteries have been discovered in a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database, it should undoubtedly launch soon. Since this is an official database, its existence indicates that the phone is unquestionably under development and most likely won’t be long before it is released.

Although the price of the Z Fold 6 is unknown, it is anticipated to cost at least $1,799.99 / £1,749 / AU$2,599, considering the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is available for that amount as well. That being said, there’s a potential that the Z Fold 6 will become less expensive because Samsung is allegedly thinking of producing the folding screen’s bezels using a less expensive technique.

Additionally, there have been rumors about a less expensive Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE model, for which a model number has already been discovered.


Long before the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 had even been released, in April 2023, there were rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leak. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a “major form factor change,” according to leaker @Tech_Reve, who has a respectable track record.

Later on, they clarified that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will alter the cover screen’s aspect ratio. They did not specify the type of adjustment, but it would make sense to enlarge it given that the Z Fold line has up to now had a rather thin cover screen in contrast to well-known models like the Oppo Find N2 and Google Pixel Fold.

This would result in something that resembles a typical phone screen more closely, and another source has since added their voice to the discussion. It’s not confirmed yet, but the likelihood is increasing.

While we spoke with the design team during the 2023 Fold launch in South Korea, Samsung confirmed to TechRadar that the change was actually in trial during the development of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The company stated that the design team chose to stick with the relatively narrow form factor of its predecessors because they thought it offered the best “usability and grip and portability.”


We’ve also heard that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may have a larger cover screen than its predecessor in addition to a new aspect ratio. The Z Fold 5’s is 6.2 inches, although they didn’t specify how much bigger.

Subsequently, however, an additional source has stated that we should anticipate a 6.4-inch cover screen in addition to a plethora of other leaked details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6. These details include the purported titanium frame, three color options, a slimmer 11mm thickness when folded (as opposed to the 13.4mm Z Fold 5), and a lower weight than that phone.

A reliable leaker with a strong track record, @OnLeaks, has since provided leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 in partnership with SmartPrix, refuting parts of these rumors.

Some of these, which have a slightly more boxy appearance than the Galaxy Z Fold 5, are visible above. In any case, the design hasn’t changed all that much. This leak claims that the Z Fold 6 is somewhat bigger and shorter than the Z Fold 5 when unfurled, measuring 153.5 x 132.5 x 6.1 mm.

This could make the rumored altered aspect ratio possible, but according to this source, the cover screen will still be 6.2 inches in size instead of the larger one that was previously released. This year’s phone won’t be any thinner because the thickness is the same. Oh, and according to the same source, the primary display is a 7.6-inch 120Hz model again, but it has a greater peak brightness of 2,600 nits.

However, given that it supposedly employs Corning Gorilla Armor, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the cover screen might at least be more resilient this year.

In addition, Samsung has stated that it is attempting to make its foldable phones dust-proof. The business hasn’t confirmed that feature would be included in the Galaxy Z Fold 6, although it is a possibility.


The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is rumored to use the same image sensor as the Z Fold 5, according to an article that proposes a new aspect ratio for the device. However, it’s unclear if they’re referring to all of the cameras or just this one, which would most likely be the primary one.
Since then, a different source has confirmed to us that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have identical cameras to those of the Z Fold 5. We have now received that assertion from several sources.

A 10 MP cover screen camera, a 4 MP under-display camera on the foldable screen, a 10 MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom, and a 12 MP ultra-wide are all included in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5’s camera lineup. Thus, on the Z Fold 6, some or all of those may stay the same.

Since then, meanwhile, a different source has stated that Samsung is thinking of utilizing the same camera as the Galaxy S24 Ultra for the Z Fold 6. They don’t specify which of the S24 UItra’s cameras they are referring to, but the 200MP sensor is probably what they mean.


Considering the aforementioned, we would proceed cautiously, and the source suggests that in the event that this occurs, a larger battery may be required.

There are rumors circulating that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may include a better under-display camera. Regarding the battery, the same source indicates that the Z Fold 6 will feature a 4,600mAh battery (up from the Z Fold 5’s 4,400mAh battery). However, another source disputes this, stating that the Z Fold 6 would retain its 4,400mAh battery and support 25W charging.


Several sources have informed us that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU. This is not surprising, though, since the Samsung Galaxy S24 range also uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which is the replacement for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset seen in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

That would make it incredibly powerful, though, and given that the Z Fold 5 has at least 12GB of RAM, we anticipate that it will also have that amount. Indeed, a leak suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage.

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE has also been discussed; according to some reports, this less expensive Z Fold 6 is now being developed. However, according to a report, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE will cost less because it won’t support the S Pen stylus.


Even though the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is an excellent device, we would prefer to see the Galaxy Z Fold 6 come with the following significant updates.

1. A wider cover screen

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5’s 6.2-inch cover display closed, you can access a screen the size of a smartphone. However, compared to a regular smartphone, this one has a significantly narrower screen, which makes it more difficult to use and less able to display apps neatly.

As such, we desire a bigger cover screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6. Considering that other folding phones, like the Google Pixel Fold, have accomplished this, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Given that there are rumors that the cover screen’s aspect ratio will be altered, it might also occur.

2. The same cameras as the S24 Ultra

It is sad that the Z Fold 5 shares the same camera hardware as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, as those weren’t the greatest cameras on a Samsung phone even at the time of the Z Fold 4’s release.

We would really like the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to feature the same rear camera system as the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which, based on prior performance, is probably going to be the best camera phone Samsung will provide in 2024, especially considering how pricey it is expected to be.


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example, sports a 200MP primary camera, a 12MP ultra-wide, a 10MP telephoto with a 3x optical zoom, and a 10MP periscope with a 10x optical zoom. With whatever modifications or enhancements the S24 Ultra brings to the table, that is essentially what we desire.

3.An S Pen included

Although not included, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is compatible with Samsung’s S Pen stylus. Rather, you will need to purchase a S Pen separately.

That’s unfortunate considering how costly the Z Fold 5 is, particularly considering that Samsung included a stylus with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S9 series. It would be desirable if Samsung could integrate this with the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

4. Dust resistance

The finest foldable phones from Samsung are water and dust resistant, but they are not dust-resistant, so there’s a chance that dust and other tiny particles will get into the phone’s delicate hinge mechanism.

We would really like dust resistance to be a regular feature on foldable phones, as it is on high-end non-foldable phones. However, because foldable phones have so many moving parts, it is naturally more difficult to implement.

Even so, Motorola has succeeded with the Motorola Razr 2023 and Motorola Razr Plus (marketed outside of the US as the Razr 40 Ultra), and Samsung has said that it is working on a solution, so there’s a potential the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will include this.

5. No more crease

There is one problem that affects all foldable phones differently: a crease that can be felt and seen on the screen.

This is an apparently unavoidable consequence of having a foldable screen, but if it’s feasible, we hope Samsung will either greatly reduce it or do away with it entirely with the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

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